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About LaRae

DSC_7261 copyHello

I’m LaRae. I am the girl wearing ripped jeans and Converse, usually with a camera wrapped awkwardly around my neck.

I love my pets, protein bars, and good-smelling things.  I believe in high thread-count sheets, classic rock music, and naps.  I stay up too late and work too hard.  I am usually covered in ant bites and cactus thorns and I have broken my elbow trying to get that perfect shot.

My son is the reason I breathe and I talk about him too much.  (He is amazing though, and creative, and funny, and handsome…and truly the greatest thing I have ever done!)  See what I am talking about?!

I can’t stand being too hot or too cold,  I wear pajamas pretty much all day, and I detest washing my crazy hair because its such an ordeal.

If I could sing, I would definitely be a rock star.  I can find beauty in anyone or any place, but have difficulty finding it in myself.

I have the ugliest cry  you have ever seen and if I REALLY start laughing, it’s pretty much the same.  I become helpless, and wheezy with tears rolling down my face.  I love that feeling.

My business consumes me a bit too much. I always do what I say I will…..even if it kills me.

I adore capturing EMOTION and precious MOMENTS.