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San Angelo Photographer If you are looking for San Angelo photographers specializing in family portraits, then book LaRae Russell Photography. We are the official photographer for San Angelo family magazine, so you can be sure we know what we’re doing. Check out our portfolio online. Please call 325.456.9502 or leave us a message for inquiries.  

If you want family pictures that you can proudly display at home and even pass on to the next generation, then have your group portrait taken by a professional San Angelo photographer. Here are some tips on enjoying and getting the most out of the photo session with your family: 
1. Clothing is an important element in any group or family portrait. Stay away from patterns and stick to solid colors. Your beloved Hawaiian shirt or leopard print dress will likely clash with what your other family members are wearing and will distract the eye, drawing attention away from what’s more important. This is why it’s best to wear the same tones as everyone else. Dark colors work great for keeping the attention to the lightest sections of the image (your faces). For outdoor portraits, earth tones work well. Think greens, blues, and browns.
2. Children often infuse an extra dose of charm and cuteness to a family portrait. Make sure that your kids are ready for the day of the shoot. A San Angelo photographer might recommend that you let young children nap before the portrait session so that they are in a cheerful and cooperative mood afterwards.
Try to get the children energized. A good San Angelo photographer will be great at making your kids feel at ease, but you should also prep them. Let them know that something exciting and fun is about to happen. You can even give them incentives—perhaps you’re all going to the ice cream lace after the session. 
3. Get everything you need ready the day before the photo shoot to lessen the stress. Pack some snacks and extra clothes. Lay out your outfits and get your family excited.
Hire an expert family photographer like Larae Russell to have your family portraits taken in San Angelo. Check out her portfolio on this website.
San Angelo Photographer
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