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San Angelo Photographers Capture those precious first months of your child by hiring a San Angelo photographer specializing in family and baby portraits. Contact LaRae Russell Photography at 325.456.9502 to book a photo shoot. Expect the session to be a fun and stress-free experience. We can combine perfectly posed photographs and fun and candid shots. 

Your senior portrait is one of those ‘milestone’ pictures of your life, alongside your newborn pictures, your early childhood portraits, and maybe someday, your wedding portrait. You can be sure that your high school senior portrait will end up on your parents’ wall for years.  It’s only right that you choose your senior portrait photographer carefully. Not all San Angelo photographers specialize in high school senior portraits. Be sure to look for one who does.
Your first step should be to check the photographer’s website and online portfolio. Do you like the style? Do the subjects look natural and relaxed instead of stiff and uncomfortable?
Next, establish a dialogue. The best San Angelo photographers are friendly—they can instantly make you feel at ease so that you look happy and natural in your photos. You can quickly assess your rapport with the photographer by calling or even emailing. You want someone who is not only friendly but also knowledgeable.  To gauge the photographer’s expertise, ask for suggestions regarding colors, clothing, and venues or backdrops, as well as equipment.  
Finally, ask about the price. What is included in the package? At Larae Russell, senior portraits cost $475 for a one- to two-hour session and disc, three outfit changes, and multiple locations. Before the photo shoot, Larae can help you choose what to wear as well as help you find the perfect location. Expect to get 35 fully-edited proofs.
Larae Russell is one of the leading San Angelo photographers specializing in family and senior portraits, as well as babies. Contact her studio at 325.456.9502 or explore this website to see her portfolio. 
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