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Midland Senior Portraits With Quality and Originality

If you have glanced through some of the photography I have created in the past, you will notice that each client’s portraits have a different style. I’ve never been a photographer who uses a stock list of ideas on lighting, angles, poses, etc. for each client. I believe that you are one-of-a-kind, and your Midland senior portraits should be uniquely tailored to express what makes you your amazing self.

Going Above and Beyond

There are two ways in which I think going above and beyond expectations leads to the best photography. The first is commitment to my art. I have actually broken a wrist trying to get the absolute perfect angle on a shot, and I can’t say I regret it. I am a perfectionist who will do anything to capture the awesome portraits I am envisioning. The second is more than just commitment to photography; it’s a commitment to you, to providing the best service so you be comfortable, have fun, and feel the freedom to express your personality, ideas, and style during our photo session.

Choosing the Best Location

Another aspect of being a Midland senior photographer that focuses on creative portraits is choosing the right place for the photo session. This is something you and I can work on together. The ideal place is somewhere where you feel comfortable, somewhere that you find beautiful or interesting, and somewhere that has personal meaning to you. Not only does a familiar environment help you relax and have fun during the photo session but it will make your senior portraits all the more special.

Your Beautiful Senior Portraits

Over the years I have been building a reputation among Midland senior photographers for my dedication to originality. To see some of the work I have done, you can always look through my portfolio or check out some of the covers I regularly photograph for the San Angelo Family Magazine. The thing that stays the same is the standard of quality I hold myself to. But the style is entirely up to you. I want you to walk away with senior portraits that express everything that makes you confident, beautiful, and awesome.