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LaRae Russell Photography & Your Midland Senior Pictures

I am excited each time I get to create new senior portraits because they are so full of creativity and life. Finding the perfect way to capture your unique personality and make you feel awesome if your photos is an artistic challenge I never get tired of. Photography is my passion and ever since 2009, when I finally came to a place where I had the ability to pursue it as a career, I have been having the time of my life creating Midland senior pictures.

You Are One of a Kind

My goal as a family and senior photographer is to create portraits that you are excited about, portraits that show off how beautiful, interesting, and awesome you are. A good, high quality portrait is a confidence boost. It makes you feel great and proud of the person you have become. And as a senior, you have worked hard to become the young adult you are today and you have so much to celebrate and look forward to. Let’s capture that in photos that you will love.

You Are Photogenic

I have heard lots of people claim that they are not photogenic. But the difference between a carelessly snapped photo and a professional portrait is huge. The senior portraits I take are focused on expressing your true, beautiful self. They are genuine and original and everyone, no matter if they think they are photogenic or not, will end up looking amazing. That is something I can promise you absolutely.

You Are Valued

As a Midland senior pictures photographer, I am excited about each and every new client. I love my job because I get to meet and get to know so many interesting people. One of the things I am dedicated to most is providing the fantastic customer service that you deserve. Clear communication, high quality photos, and quick, two week turn around are several of the guarantees I make to each client, and you can count on me to follow through.

To see some of the other portraits I have taken over the years I have worked as a San Angelo and Midland family and senior photographer, feel free to browse through my portfolio. And I encourage you to give me a call or an email as well. I look forward to talking to you!