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LaRae Russell – San Angelo Family Portrait Photographer

Over the years I have worked as a San Angelo portrait photographer, I have built a reputation for both high quality photos and great customer service. I believe that being a photographer is about more than just creating good photography. It’s about creating something that you as the client will love and that captures your personality in a genuine, beautiful way. It’s about individuality and expression.

Fantastic Senior Portraits

One of the family photography services I offer is senior photos. These are always a joy because I get to meet and talk to so many amazing seniors and work with them to create photos that express their style and their heart. My goal is for them to see the results of our photo shoot and be proud of how awesome and beautiful they look. After all, senior portraits are about celebrating the person you have become and looking forward excitedly to the future as you begin the next chapter of your life. They should be as wonderful and dynamic as your dreams.

High Quality Family Photography

Creating beautiful family photos is also something I enjoy, because I feel that taking the time to get together for a photo session is important. Family portraits are a way to keep the memory alive forever of the stage you are at right now. Whether your kids are toddlers or if the youngest is going off to college soon, a family photo commemorates how far you’ve come together and the love you have for each other. That is why I go the extra mile to create exquisite quality photography for you. I want it to be something you will treasure throughout the years.

Precious Maternity & Newborn Photography

An essential part of being a San Angelo portrait photographer is creating lovely maternity and newborn portraits. Capturing the excitement of expecting a child and then capturing the wonderful tenderness of a newborn baby in photos is an artistic experience that amazes me every time. What better thing to celebrate with lovely photography than bringing a precious new life into the world?

If you are looking for beautiful maternity portraits or creative senior and family portraits, feel free to give me a call or an email any time. And to see some of the portraits I have taken in my years as a San Angelo portrait photographer, I encourage you to browse through my portfolio.