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Creating Your San Angelo Senior Photos

You’ve worked so hard to reach this moment. Now it is your time to celebrate the things you have done and the amazing person you’ve become. Your senior portraits are a way to do just that. That is why I enjoy being a photographer and getting the opportunity to have fun and be part of this exciting time of your life. My goal is to create San Angelo senior photos for you that are as amazing and unique as you are, and that capture the memories and emotions you are experiencing and the person you are today.

Expressing What Makes You Unique

So how can we do that? How can we create senior photos that are specifically tailored to fit your style? The best way is to kick back, relax, and have fun during the photo session. This is your time to be yourself with absolute fearlessness. This is your moment in the spotlight to act like a star. Laughing and having fun during the photo session helps you relax and act naturally. We all get nervous around a camera sometimes. That’s why I make an effort to create an atmosphere where you are comfortable. When you feel at home, the smiles in your portraits will be one hundred percent genuine and beautiful.

Perfecting All the Details

I’ll be the first to admit: I am definitely a perfectionist. But I find that in photography this works to my advantage and to yours. During the photo session, I focus intently on finding the perfect shot. And when I process my photography after our photo session, I am able to examine every detail and make sure everything is the best quality possible.

Delivering Your Portraits To You Quickly

However, despite my tendency to focus on details, I also believe in being punctual. One thing you can count on is that within two weeks of our photo session, you will be looking at the final product and realizing what a beautiful and awesome young adult you’ve become.

To see some of the other San Angelo senior photos I have taken over the years, feel free to browse through my portfolio. Keep in mind, though, that your photos will be uniquely different from any I’ve taken before. My commitment to high quality photography and my love of dynamic, colorful photos will stay the same, but the style of the portrait will be tailored to fit your personality and ideas.