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What Makes a Great Photo Session

The key to getting the amazing senior photos you are dreaming of is in the photo session. A great photo session leads to great photography. So when you are looking for senior photographers in San Angelo and are trying to find the right one for you, you should know what a typical photo session with them would look like.

A Place You Love

The first step of planning a photo session for me is to brainstorm location ideas. This is a step that we can work on together, because your input is extremely important. My goal is to find a place where you feel comfortable and free to express your personality and ideas. Also, choosing a location for the photo session that you find beautiful and that has personal meaning to you will add something special to your senior portraits.

Laughing Out Loud

The next step is to have fun. This is my favorite by far. One of the reasons I chose to focus my photography on family and senior photos is because the photo sessions are so enjoyable. Being a senior photographer in San Angelo, I have the opportunity every day to meet all kinds of amazing people, get to know them, laugh, and make fantastic memories with them. Creating an environment during photo sessions that makes you feel comfortable and at home is important to me, and it is something you can count on when working with me.

Fearless Self-Expression

Ultimately, my goal with every photo session is to encourage you to express yourself confidently and fearlessly. I want the smiles and expressions and body language in your senior portraits to be one hundred percent genuine. Instead of forced smiles and generic poses and ideas, I work hard to think outside of the box and create photography that is specifically tailored to capture your one-of-a-kind personality. After all, this is such an important moment in your life, you deserve to celebrate it with senior portraits that are original, beautiful, and the highest quality photography.

To see style and quality of the photography I have created over the years I’ve been a family and senior photographer in San Angelo, you can browse through my portfolio. And to set up your photo session, just give me a call or an email. I look forward to meeting you!