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Preparing For Your Senior Portrait Session

One of the jobs of Snyder senior photographers is making sure you have all the information you need to be perfectly prepared for your photo session. Great photo sessions make for great senior photos. My goal is for you to feel ready to have fun during your photo session and feel free to express yourself.

Discussing Locations

You don’t have to worry too much about the location for your photo session. After living in the Snyder and San Angelo area for years, I have learned a wide variety of fantastic places for photo shoots and can suggest several different ideas if you would like some input. Choosing your location is an important aspect of creating your senior portraits, and you should brainstorm ideas of places that you find beautiful, that have personal meaning to you, and that you feel comfortable in. Together, I know we can find the perfect place for your photo session.

Choosing Your Look

This part is entirely up to you. My goal is to create photos that express what makes you awesome and one-of-a-kind. Instead of suggesting the same ideas for every client, I instead encourage you to embrace your own style, and I work on coming up with original ideas for poses and angles that express that individual style. Each new client I get to work with is unique and their senior portraits should be as well. High quality and vibrant, colorful photos are aspects of my artistic style that stay the same, but everything else I tailor to fit your personality and ideas.

Simply Having Fun

Everyone gets nervous at times when a camera is pointed at them. But I make sure to create an atmosphere during photo sessions where you feel relaxed and comfortable enough to be yourself and smile genuinely. Your senior portrait session is your chance to be a star and enjoy being in the spotlight. It’s all about celebrating the amazing person you have become and the exciting new stage of life you are going to be setting out on. I love to laugh and have fun during photo sessions because the experience should be a fantastic memory for you.

To see some of the other photos I have taken over the years I’ve been a San Angelo and Snyder senior photographer, I encourage you to browse through my portfolio. And to set up your photo session, give me a call or an email. I’m excited to start working with you!